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Reviving the thread of My Custom Camo-fade Giant Propel Advanced Pro

kon636kon636 Posts: 44
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I've had this for about a year now - started out as a 2016 Giant Propel Advanced Pro and I have heavily upgraded and changed different bits and pieces around since then. Now, I am toying with the idea of selling and moving onto something else, or upgrading to to Dura Ace Di2 with a fresh paint job...

Fresh lick of paint, courtesy of 'Chris Custom Design'....


New Mavic Cosmic Pro Carbon Exalith...


Built up.....


3T Aeronova carbon bars....


Saddle change....


Picked up a set of Mavic Carbone 40 Elite....


40 Elites fitted + Rotor InPower crank-based power meter and Q-Rings....


Have to be honest, I think I prefer the look of the deeper Exalith wheels.

All in all, it weighs about 7.5kg and now I am stuck on whether I should change to an S-Works Venge/Tarmac, or just upgrade this to Di2 and give it a fresh paint job (candy apple green).


  • flasherflasher Posts: 1,622
    Who did the paint?
  • kon636kon636 Posts: 44
    flasher wrote:
    Who did the paint?

    Fella here in N. Ireland
  • kon636kon636 Posts: 44

  • step83step83 Posts: 3,789
    Unfortunately you can no longer share images from photobucket unless you pay them lots of money. May need to look for another site to host from.
  • I've switched to Imgur - wish i'd done it ages ago, less ads and way faster to load etc.
  • kon636kon636 Posts: 44
    It's been a long time since I updated this thread so old pics have been updated and new ones added, courtesy of Imgur.
  • kon636kon636 Posts: 44
    P.S. Thanks to 'Oddball1313' for the Imgur suggestion!
  • kon636kon636 Posts: 44
    So I toyed with selling this and decided to just upgrade instead.

    - Reynolds Strike SLG 62mm
    - SRAM Red Etap wifli

    The bike feels a million times better. Crisp, reliable shifts and so much stiffer. Wheels catch the wind a little more but they carry speed so much easier.

  • ollaayollaay Posts: 166
    What a weapon, and that gold chain rocks.
  • kon636kon636 Posts: 44
    ollaay wrote:
    What a weapon, and that gold chain rocks.

    Thanks mate, I'm pretty happy with it. 7.3kg as it sits too, surprisingly!
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