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Felt V85 vs. Trek CrossRip 2 vs. Specialized Diverge Elite DSW

samjb923samjb923 Posts: 2
edited June 2017 in Road buying advice
I need some help deciding here!

It's between the Felt V85, the Trek CrossRip 2, and the Specialized Diverge Elite DSW.

Some differences I notice:
The Felt has 105 components, while the Trek and Specialized both have the newer Tiagra components.
Felt is about $150 more than the other two.
The Trek has HY/RD mechanically actuated hydraulic brakes, while the others have TRP Spyre C dual-piston mechanical discs.

Ride feel: They all feel very similar to me and I am having a tough time deciding!

This will be my only bike and I'll use it for a 4-mile commute to work as well as for fun rides through the park and on gravel/dirt paths. No racing or mountain biking. Not touring on it either.

I need a bike with geometry that is more leaning toward comfort than aggressive, and these three bikes seem pretty similar as far as geometry goes but I would also value any input you all might have here.

Links: ... 6000-2017/ ... dsw/119017 ... e/v85.aspx


  • bobonesbobones Posts: 1,149
    I'd go with the Felt because $150 for the upgraded components is good value and Felts are generally great value and good looking bikes anyway.
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