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DonLykeBDonLykeB Posts: 34
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Hey guys,

Been getting a lot better at doing my own bike maintenance as I've just about started getting into mountain biking a couple months back.

Anyways, I'm thinking of upgrading the groupset on my Boardman Mountain Comp 2016, I think the bike comes stock with an SRAM 2x10 Speed.

I've been looking at this as the upgrade: ... prod147736

I've got a budget of £5-600, is the above a worthy upgrade or should I look elsewhere/ go higher in price for a better value upgrade. Any recommendations would be great.

Thanks everyone!


  • I wouldn't. You could get a new Boardman with sram 1 x11 gearing and air fork if you save a bit more. You would notice a wheel upgrade far more in my experience. Use what you have until it wears out and then consider upgrading. 2 months isn't a lot of riding.
  • JBAJBA Posts: 2,693
    Upgrading to full XT doesn't make much economical sense.
    You may be better off selling your bike and adding the money to the £600 you already have and buying a new bike.
    Have a look on Paul's Cycles and see what you could get for your budget.
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