Training Loop near Dulwich (London)

Hi all,

I am new to the forum so apologies in advance for any etiquette mistakes. I will be moving near Dulwich soon and I was wondering if anyone could help me find a training loop please? I currently train in Richmond Park, so I am looking for something similar to that or Regent's Park. Loops of 5km or above (ideally, around 10km like Richmond Park), relatively free of traffic, mostly flat and fast. I suppose also any 10m TT routes would be great. Basically I am looking for a route I can do fast but safely (little traffic) and that it wouldn't get me too long to do early morning / after work :mrgreen:



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    Look on the Dulwich Paragon website for a TT loop. The Harry Must series is an open event.

    However flat ............ you are living in the wrong place. Best I can offer is go to West Wickham and back. You'll still have to get over Sydenham Hill via College Road.

    In terms of training though you have a whole host of options:
    Elite Cycling Turbo evenings at Crystal Palace
    Watt Bike sessions at Cadence performance
    Thursday night road bike sessions at Herne Hill Velodrome ..... run by Ctystal Palace Tri' club. Just go round and round in circles doing your own intervals
    Wednesday night chain gangs from Elmers End (7pm for 7.15 depart and an eye popping 2 hours plus of hell for leather lung busting riding

    If you go up to Crystal Palace rides are going off from either Cadence Performance or Cafe St Germain every single day with Brixton, Dulwich, Cadence Performance and various others like RaphaCC.

    It's a cycling mecca and you are 20 minutes (well 30 minutes from Dulwich) from the lanes of Kent. You are in for a real treat ....... well except for when you head home and have to climb one of the 20% back up the downs. But that's part of the fun.