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Help a newbie to choose a first mtb

KristupasKristupas Posts: 6
edited June 2017 in MTB buying advice
Hello everyone !
As I already said , i'm a total null in mtb's and i need to choose my first mountain bike. My budget is pretty tight though , 400 pounds is my limit . My favourite right now would be the Calibre Two.Two from for 399 pounds (but they oftenly put it up for sale , so i will wait for that ) : ... ke-p383858

But gooutdoors have just dropped the price of Mondraker Phase 27.5 to 399 pounds , so 25 % of the original price . So i think its a pretty good bargain , but i dont know if the bike is good as much as the deal.: ... ke-p404798

Opinions on which bike would be the best is what i need from you guys . But if you know any other , better bike for the same price , please lwt me know .

Thanks in advance.


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