Advice: Pannier rack for a vintage Peugeot racer-style

sentur Posts: 12
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I've got a 70-80s racer Peugeot bicycle which I love. I want to fit a pannier (very limited knowledge of panniers) so I can commute to work (on mainly city roads) and to the shops without getting a sweaty back.

Photos of my bicycle are below, however from what I can tell there's no eyelets to fit the rack on the seat posts so will have to look at a different convertor solution. I'm a bit confused which is best to use as there's a lot of options.

Can anyone recommend how best to fix the pannier rack to the seat stays? And if any of these pannier racks would be suitable? I'm thinking silver and minimal in keeping with the bicycle look. I plan to get 1-2 waterproof saddle bags.