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Power Meter Option for Cannondale HollowGram Si, BB30a, w/ OPI SpideRing, 52/36 ??

Spartacus1981Spartacus1981 Posts: 254
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Hi Guys, what would be a good option to start training to power with this particular crank ? I also have a Dura Ace 9000 Chainset in 50/34 which I know I could get a stages for but I'm wondering which route I should take ?? Pedals are not really an option as I'm a Speedplay user. Many thanks


  • mikecassiemikecassie Posts: 34
    I went for a Power2Max Type S - ... anks-road/

    With that PM the original spiderings are redunant and I fitted BOR chain rings. I'm happy with this set up, I can fit 50/34 or 52/36 chainrings if need be. I did fit the 50/34 for the Fred Whitton and having the tools at hand for whipping the crank off, so I don't rely on a LBS and it takes 30-45 mins to do. Normally run 52/36 for most of the season up here.

    Stages for L/H crank - ... owgram-si/

    I'm sure others will have other options/thoughts but these allow you to keep the original crankarms.
  • Powertap G3
    I'm sorry you don't believe in miracles
  • FSA Powerbox looking good ... Problem there being I'd have to get rid of my current cranks ..
  • step83step83 Posts: 3,958
    Was going to suggest the powerbox as its BB30 an has that chainring combo. Only thing to remember is that you can only use four bolt chainrings.
  • Would that mean it could fit straight on a Caad 12 which is BB30A ? Or would I need another axle / additional spacers etc ?
  • step83step83 Posts: 3,958
    Apologies im slightly wrong there, you would need to get a BB386Evo BB purely because the spindle is longer (clue in the name the actual spindle is 86mm long hence you need the BB to help space it out)
  • Can anyone confirm if this FSA Powerbox would ever fit on a CAAD12 that has a BB30A Bottom Bracket. I'm speaking to my local bike shop here in Mallorca but the guy is telling me it will not fit and that he has looked into it ? He's saying the axle is too short or something like that and you cannot replace the spindle on the crank ? Can anyone else explain ? Is this right ?
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