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Actual hybrid frame size for 5'2''?

rabbit15rabbit15 Posts: 2
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Hello all,

I'm extremely new to biking specifics... only biked as a kid... I've decided to begin commuting via bike, however I haven't a clue where to begin to find the correct bike for my height. I know there are tons of bike sizing guides and charts on the internet, but after the multitude that I've studied, I've realized that each one is vastly different.. I've searched for specific hybrid sizing charts as well and none of those reach a consensus either. So I've ended up here to seek help from the experts and seasoned biking veterans!

I'm 5'2'' and looking for a hybrid bike, preferably with wheels smaller than the 700c because the current bike that I was given (which has a 20 inch frame-- WAY to big for me) has 700 c wheels and they make me very uneasy and make the height of the bike very large for me..Though I'm new to the biking terminology and lifestyle, I do have a few things that I'm looking for: a frame size that will fit well, a straight or sweep bar, if possible smaller wheels than 700c, and a hybrid frame.

I'm wondering if anybody could help me out with models that fit this description or brands that may carry bikes similar to what I'm trying to get. And more importably if anyone knows the ACTUAL size frame that would fit someone who is 5'2''... some internet sources say 15 inches, others say 15 inches is for 4-4'6; still others say 18 inches is ideal, ect. idk what information is correct..

Please help; I'm such a noob..

Thank you in advance everyone!


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