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Looking for a new saddlebag, I used to have a Spesh Mini Wedge until the zip packed in due to years of getting wet and muddy and not being cleaned. Replaced it with a Topeak which I've found a bit too bulky looking and it also rubs on my shorts too much.

Tempted to just go with another Spesh but wanted to see if there were any recommendations first.

Needs to be able to take two tubes, a multi tool and a set of tyre levers.
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  • sirmolsirmol Posts: 287
    I use this...

    It obviously uses one of your bottle cages up if you have it on the bike or you can put it in your jersey pocket. In mine i have a few inners, multi tool, leavers, 2/3 co2 canisters plus the valve adapter. I really like it - just a different option for you.
  • I got this:

    a couple of years ago, and it's survived year-round commuting without mudguards and a year's worth of Ironman training without any problems. I can fit two 21-25mm tubes (one 28-35mm tube, could probably fit two if you were really trying) and the stock levers/patches/multi tool that came with it, as well as change - occasionally, if the tubes have folded really well I can fit a 16g CO2 cannister as well. It attaches to the seat easily and securely, and you can fit a small rear light above it if you have a rail mount. I've never felt it while cycling. The provided tools are decent enough, but I guess you've already got your kit so I think you can just buy the bag itself.

    When (if) this ever dies, I'd consider getting one of the bottle cage types as they seem much easier, but I only have two cages and often need two bottles if actually training so depending on the type of cycling I would be doing I'd definitely just get another one if the bottle type isn't suitable.

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