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KangarsKangars Posts: 34
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currently i have Shimano R501, which are fine for some training/winter rides i would like to upgrade them.

Would Campagnolo Scirocco 35 be a decent upgrade? or shall i not bother and save up and get something better? maybe Fulcrum 3? really dont know much about wheels, but i do like the look of Campagnolo Scirocco 35!


  • BobbinogsBobbinogs Posts: 4,928
    What is your budget and what does your typical ride look like (parcours, speed)...and what weight are you?

    The best looking ones is usually the answer, btw.
  • birdie23birdie23 Posts: 457
    If you like the look of the Scirocco's save up and buy a pair of Zonda C17's
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  • KangarsKangars Posts: 34
    At the moment i would go up to £350, roughly 78kg, can do about 28-30kmh on a flat so yea, nothing special :) I looked at ZUUS wheels, but £600 is a bit out of my budget at the moment.

    Zondas look interesting, i do like Fulcrums 3, but white hub might be a bit of a pain :D
  • mfinmfin Posts: 6,724
    Be careful of wheels that "don't roll well", of course, every wheel anyone mentions on here is accompanied by the comment "they roll well" because people are stupid and all wheels do.

    Oh, and Zondas or Racing 3 are both good shouts, so pick the one you like the best or can get the best price on.
  • rob39rob39 Posts: 479
    Zonda's +1 Used shimano in the past change to Zonda's 18 months ago and transformed my ride, coupled with Michelin Pro4's great ride easy rolling.
  • g00seg00se Posts: 2,221
    The Fulcrum 3s and Zondas are basically the same wheels (as a Scirocco 35s and Fulcrum Quattros; Fulcrum 1s and Campag Neutrons etc). Fulcrum are 'owned' by Campag and the wheels are made in the same factory. I recall the brand was created as some folks were put off my mixing groupset manufacturers on the same bike.
  • singletonsingleton Posts: 1,652
    Fulcrum 3 / Zondas are a good wheel and get generally good reviews. I had Fulcrum 3's and I had no complaints at all.

    I have now replaced them with a set of Hunt 4 season Aero's with tubeless tyres if you want yet another option to consider. ... eep-22wide
  • KangarsKangars Posts: 34
    Awesome advices guys, cheers! I do like those Hunt wheels, but no available atm, im off to alps in 4 weeks so would love to get something before then.

    I am deciding between Scirocco 35 and Fulcum 3, leaning towards Scirocco and get some good tyres! Really dont like making this type of decisions :D
  • BobbinogsBobbinogs Posts: 4,928
    The 3s are narrower, as are the Scirocco (15mm) so for me it would have to come down to the Zondas (with good quality and easily serviced cup/cone bearings and 17mm internal width to flatten out the rubber when matched with smooth running 25mm tyres, like GP4000sII). A very big bang for the buck. Nimble climbing and, with the improved handling that the flatter/wider profile offers, stable descending. Very good brack track too which works well with something like Swisstop Flashpro.
  • birdie23birdie23 Posts: 457
    As has been said previously the 3s are still a 15mm rim. Campag/Fulcrum are slowly updating their range to 17mm rims and I would definitely go with a 17mm rim right now as a minimum, especially if you like running 25s or wider. At under £315 on Wiggle at the moment I would say they are the best value factory wheelset around.
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