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A question of strength.

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I was out on one of my usual loops the other night, and a section of it is over a bridge that has traffic lightss to allow one way at a time. The lights were on red when I got there and so I took the cycle route which shares with pedestrians on just one side of the road.

There was a young lady walking on this bit, so a rang my bell (yes, I have a bell, get over it) to make sure she knew I was there. As I approached she'd sort of turned towards me and was saying something, I just said thanks and carried on, thinking that she was quite easy on the eye. Nice smile.

It wasn't until a few miles on that I began to realise what she'd said, coupled with her general demeanour, where she was etc. She'd asked me for a lift! :shock:

This was a new one! But then i began to wonder. Even IF I had heard her correctly, could I have given her a lift? Would the bike stand it?

We're used to seeing this...

But that's quite a way from this...


And whilst I like the idea, I'm wondering if the toptube (carbon) would take the weight, let alone the wheels.

What's the verdict?

The older I get, the better I was.


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