Dangerous Spot- Putney Embankment!

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Hi everyone!

In August 2015 I fell off my bicycle whilst turning right into Rotherwood Road on the Putney embankment next to the Vesta rowing club and was hospitalised with multiple fractures to my leg and ankle. A second cyclist fell at almost exactly the same spot whilst I was being attended to by the police pending arrival of an ambulance, and the same morning whilst I was cycling to work I saw a cyclist getting up and limping after having fallen at the very same spot. I recently met another cyclist who told me that she had also fallen from her bicycle at the same spot in February 2017 and that someone from the boathouse had kindly come to her assistance and told her that lots of cyclists had fallen there.

I was wondering if anyone were aware or had witnessed any other bike accidents at this spot, or if anyone is aware of why the road is slippery in this particular area?

Do you know if anyone has reported the slippery surface of the road to the Council?

If you were able to supply any information or comment it would be greatly appreciated, and I thank you in advance for any assistance you might be able to provide.


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    I spotted this and thought I'd check out what's being said.

    I looked on Google Maps/Earth and the road surface here looks very "fatted up" - a non-technical term for the bitumen working to the surface and overcoming the aggregate in the mixture.

    The aggregate offers friction/grip to the road surface. If it's covered in smooth bitumen...

    This isn't the only example of this defect that one will find in London, or indeed anywhere, but if it's particularly bad and it's where cyclists are turning right (or left) into the side road, well...

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