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Upgrading an old road bike

matthewljacksonmatthewljackson Posts: 2
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I have a pretty crappy road bike - 1997 Peugeot that cost about £250 - but I can't afford a new one at the moment. I really want to get out on the road, though. If I want to upgrade it over time, where should I start.

Problem #1: Bike design and spec has changed a LOT in 20 years...


  • crakercraker Posts: 2,060
    It's a bit of a daft question TBH. What's the problem with the bike exactly? Bike design and spec. has _not_ changed a lot in 20 years despite what the manufacturers try to persuade you. Bikes are fundamentally unchanged since the development of the safety bicycle in 18 something or other.

    How far it's worth upgrading it depends on the quality of the frame. Got a photo?
  • herb71herb71 Posts: 247
    Agree with craker, things have not come on that far. A bike is a bike at the end of the day, get out there and ride it. Have fun.

    Give it a good service, make sure tyres, tubes, cables and bearing are all ok and that everything is as it should be, then ride it. I would only be spending on consumables at this stage to make sure everything is safe and smooth.

    Anyway, 20 years old is practically vintage, so bang on trend. If you want to be up to date, grow a big beard before you ride it and carry your stuff in an old newspaper bag.
  • fat daddyfat daddy Posts: 2,632
    Problem #1: Bike design and spec has changed a LOT in 20 years...

    that's not a problem even if it were true.

    in 1997 it was a bike ..... now its 2017, its still a bike. ..... just because there have been different paint schemes, more teeth, less chainrings, lighter carbon etc on newer bikes, doesn't suddenly make yours worse, It was acceptable in 1997 .. its going to be acceptable now.

    All you need to do is make it road worthy .. replace what NEEDS replacing, ie rubber and possibly cables .. and it will bea workable bike

    and 1997 is a good year for bikes ...... I ride a 1997 Klein Attitude comp with the original amp research forks on it ... awesome bike

    service it and ride it
  • mpattsmpatts Posts: 914
    my fave bike is 30 years old. Service it, ride it.
    Insert bike here:
  • mr_eddymr_eddy Posts: 755
    Echo others unless its dangerous or broken just ride - If you really wanted to upgrade then the cheapest thing is tyres and tubes - A set of lighter folding tyres possibly in a wider size (25c etc) would probably drop a chunk of rotational weight and make if 'feel' nicer. A step up from that would be a full wheelset change inc tyres.

    Tyres and tubes budget £30+ most people have their favs but a set of Zaffiro Pro in 25c for example would set you back about £30 with tubes and they are pretty light (260g) but still have some level of puncture protection.

    If the tyres are the original tyres then just for piece of mind I would change them as they will probably be cracked and a little worse for wear (long storage seems to kill tyres).

    Re the rest as others have said just service stuff - replace the brake pads and brake cables and maybe re-grease the Bottom Bracket and headset then just RIDE!
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