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Visiting Paris for the end of the Tour de France (with young kids!)

cyberkid2002cyberkid2002 Posts: 39
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Hi all,

I have realised I am around the Paris area around the time the Tour draws to a close. I am considering venturing into Paris to catch some of the final loops around Paris with my wife, a five year old and an eight year old and have a few questions:
  • Basically, is watching a small section of the race do-able without hanging around for hours saving a spot?
  • I am planning on viewing from around the Jardin de Tuileries which I have heard is much quieter that the Champs. Is this accessible / leave-able once they have begun the 8 laps of it? Is there some kind of route in and out of it or am i best viewing from the opposite side of the road?
  • Am I better off finding a spot on the route in to Paris to watch them go by? If so, can anyone familiar with France recommend somewhere on this years route to watch.

Basically, any tips people could provide to make the day as pleasurable as possible for all, would be much appreciated.



  • shazzzshazzz Posts: 1,077
    I've watched it a few times from the Jardin de Tuileries side of the Rue de Rivoli, close to the 1km to go banner. It's good - if you can't get a spot on the barriers, you may be able to stand on the wall (see link below). I'd say it's a good spot if you have kids with you, once you get there - would be fairly easy to chill out in the park then wander over to find a spot as the race gets near. The crowd seems to thin out a little after a couple of laps, and people come and go, so you should be able to find a good view without camping out for hours.
    I think you have to get in to the Jardin from the Louvre end, wander down towards the Place de la Concorde and then find the exit gate from the Jardin to the Rue. We've always arrived a couple of hours before the race is due, had a mooch around the Louvre or Orangerie and then gone to watch the race. Always found a good view.
    I've never done it with kids - will depend on their tolerance for walking. There are other things to do beside watch the race if the weather is fine. ... 312!8i6656
  • thanks for the tips! that certainly sounds manageable and kids are more than happy to do some walking, it would be the hours of waiting that would be killer!

    Would aim to get to the jardin around 30 minutes before the estimated time the riders will arrive and stay for a couple of hours or so. Silly question but how do you get in and out of the inner circuit from the Louvre? Is some kind of temporary bridge constructed?
  • fenixfenix Posts: 5,437
    Last time we were there we had to be on the barriers for HOURS before the race came through. I'd not want to do that with kids. Are they even interested ? There were certainly no spaces on the barriers - it must have been three or four deep. Watching from the walls sounds better.
  • graeme_s-2graeme_s-2 Posts: 3,382
    Just looking at Google Maps, there looks to be a pedestrian underpass that goes beneath the road and leads to a bridge over the Seine. So I guess that's how you get in and out while the race is on.
  • shazzzshazzz Posts: 1,077
    Access to the Louvre isn't affected by the race route (other than the volume of people getting in the way!), and then you just walk over the underpass that the riders go through before they reach Joan of Arc / Norwegian Corner.
  • lakesludditelakesluddite Posts: 1,337
    We've done exactly what Shazzz said, stood on the left as you look at that Google image - in fact both times I have stood on the wall where the railings are - it's right by the Flamme Rouge, and getting that elevation is good, and the kids could easily go up there if they are fairly adventurous. It was never packed either, even when the race was coming through - plenty of space to get by.

    Having said that, watching the Paris stage last year, that area looked to be out of bounds - maybe anti-terrorism measures, so it might not be an option now.
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