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How to organise a charity event for a disabled Family Member

jerry3571jerry3571 Posts: 1,532
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I organise a Hill Climb for my local cycling club so used to doing that. I have been asked to think of an idea on how get some money for a house adaption for my disabled Nephew. I think the Council puts in a bit of money and the rest must be found elsewhere. Tricky stuff.
I thought of an idea on having a Hill Climb where there may be an entrance fee and maybe a Sponsor (if I can get one) and maybe some half decent prize money. The Hill Climb for the Club has to be done through the CTTC and have traffic counts and noticing the Police of the event. Is there a way of putting on a TT without the CTTC??
Cheddar Gorge might a nice spot for it as it already is a TT route.
I'm just thinking at the mo and hoping for advice on this.
Thanks Jy :)
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