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Top Headset Bearing for 2015 Felt AR1

phil485phil485 Posts: 354
edited August 2018 in Workshop

I'm really struggling with this one, I've searched on here, via google and still can't get it right.
I've had bearings from wych bearings and my LBS.

Can anyone tell me what bearing to get to replace the top headset bearing on a Felt AR1.

It has a really chamferred top inner race which then has another split race that goes on the top.

Has anyone got any experience of this?


  • phil485phil485 Posts: 354
    Stole this image from another thread, hopefully it will come.
    Its this groovy loose raced bearing I'm after

  • phil485phil485 Posts: 354
    Or do I just replace the whole lot with a suitably sized sealed bearing?
  • plodder73plodder73 Posts: 321
    Is that not just a sealed bearing that has come apart? Every time I've had to replace a bearing it has come apart. Just replace the whole bearing, there should be some faint writing on the side of the bearing if you take it out.
  • phil485phil485 Posts: 354
    Nope, not a sealed bearing and my particular one is so rusty I can't make out the markings ...

    I know I should be ashamed of myself for letting it get so bad
  • phil485phil485 Posts: 354
    Hopefully to close this out. This information was obtained from Felt
    FSA No.44 headset from model year 2014 and newer.
    It’s being sold as FSA Orbit C-33 and uses 1 1/8“ 45°/45° and 1 1/4“ 45°/45° bearings.

    Then from Chain Reaction
    Top bearing: 160-6483
    Bottom bearing: MR082
    Crown race: H6063
  • phil485phil485 Posts: 354
    Just to finish this off. I got a bearing from wych bearings which seems to fit ok.
    Rode in to work this morning and no issues.

    Wych part number ACB 4545 1125 Headset Bearing 30.5x41.8x7.9.
  • Sorry for resurrecting an ancient thread, but thank you so much to Phil485 for this info. My headset is done for and I couldn't find this info online anywhere, but with the part number I was able to order directly from FSA. Thanks!!
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