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Wide-fit cycling glasses?

DanielCoffeyDanielCoffey Posts: 142
edited June 2017 in Commuting general
I am looking for recommendations for wide-fit, non-prescription cycle glasses with the option of at least a clear and a tinted lens.

I take a 61-62cm helmet and am a wide head shape rather than a long. I find most of the readily available cycle glasses grip the temples too tightly. I used to have a pair of Oakleys with side arms that would spring slightly beyond their open position and those were comfortable if a little bouncy on the nose but they went to the Edinburgh Bike Station when I (foolishly) stopped cycling six years ago.

If it is necessary to go custom on the frame, I am not averse to that idea.

I don't have the option of trying anything on in a store since I live in darkest Ayrshire and am not in a position of going into Glasgow for the big shops. The summer bugs here seem to target eyes first then the mouth then the nostrils. I have had one or two make a spirited attempt to fly into my ears too!

Thanks in advance.


  • DanielCoffeyDanielCoffey Posts: 142
    I have just had a phone chat with the Oakley rep and they have recommended a pair of Radar EV Path Prism Road (Asia fit) since they are specced with a wider frame across the cheek bones.

    Has anyone had experience of standard Oakleys being tight and found that the Asia fit were broader and more comfortable at the temples?
  • thekoomanthekooman Posts: 64
    ive a big head as well and the Oakley Jawbreakers fit well
  • DanielCoffeyDanielCoffey Posts: 142
    The Radars should arrive in the next day or so and I can see how the Asia Fit behave son me. At least I can choose to return if they are not suitable.
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