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DH Body Armour

AW79AW79 Posts: 14
edited June 2017 in MTB beginners
Evening All,

Just wanted some pointers on body armour.....

Motorcross body armour troy lee designs ... AoBq8P8HAQ

Is this suitable for downhill riding? Or is it mainly just a stone deflector?



  • AW79AW79 Posts: 14
    ....Did anyone have any advice on this? Steer clear or are they something others are using when riding really rough down hill trails. I have tried the fox titan and found the chest plates a bit short and lacking around the ribs.
  • The RookieThe Rookie Posts: 27,809
    Shins, arms, hips and back before your chest!
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  • AW79AW79 Posts: 14
    OK thanks
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