Sprinter's Radon Swoop 170 8.0 Progress Thread

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Submitted my order at 1.41am last night!

Also just ordered a fresh set of Nukeproof Neutron Evo pedals in black and a pair of Maxxis Minions (3C compound up front and 60a on the back) to replace the stock Schwalbe tyres. I'm planning on fitting the Minions as soon as it arrives and just selling the Schwalbe's on eBay.

Pedals and tyres will be here by Thursday and the bike should be here late this week or early next week, I'll be using this thread to document the whole experience as I know a lot of people are sceptical about ordering from abroad.
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  • swod1
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    I'll be interested to know on how you get on. I've been looking at buying one. good spec for the price.
  • mikeyj28
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    I bought a Black Sin 9.0 from them 2 years ago. From ordering the bike to delivery was a total of 6 days!
    Also, any questions that I had were answered (by email) within 24 hours and with a full explanation.

    From my experience I had great service and the bike is fantastic value for money considering the high end spec you get.

    I would be very interested to see how you get on.
    Constantly trying to upgrade my parts.It is a long road ahead as things are so expensive for little gain. n+1 is always the principle in my mind.
  • poah
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    what made you go for the swoop, what else were you looking at?
  • Working day #4 since order (Monday was a bank holiday in Germany) and I've just been given the tracking number for my shipment.

    No exact ETA yet as the tracking won't go live until tomorrow, but I expect it will only be a couple of days now it's in the hands of DHL.
    POAH wrote:
    what made you go for the swoop, what else were you looking at?

    I've been looking at stuff like the YT Capra CF, Canyon Strive, Specialized Enduro etc. This just runs circles around them for the money spec-wise and the geometry sounds spot on, especially with the adjustable 'chip'. Although I suspect I'll just put mine into slack mode and leave it there.

    I'd already own a YT Capra if it wasn't for the lack of boost axles, just didn't seem futureproof enough for a new bike to buy one without them.
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  • Bike finally arrived today, exactly 2 weeks after the order was placed, so a little longer than their quoted 4-7 days!

    Bike looks perfect, it was well packaged so that nothing moved/rattled around, and had plenty of protective foam/cardboard wrap to stop rubbing. Even had one of those little mech guard things in the event the box got squashed.

    Already come up against my first issue though as the new RaceFace 32t NW chainring doesn't fit as it's 104mm BCD and the SRAM GXP cranks are direct mount, but with a spider that converts to 94mm BCD.

    Might as well drop the spider completely and go for a 32t direct mount chainring, but I can't tell which ones are boost compatible? Plus I really want a blue one...


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  • Decided to take this afternoon and tomorrow afternoon off work to tinker with the bike as it's too hot to work as we have no aircon at work (who's idea was that!?). Plus I want to go out riding with the lads tomorrow after work so I need to get all the jobs done before then!

    List of jobs completed today:
    • New pedals fitted
    • Removed factory tyres and fitted the Minions
    • Fitted tubeless valves and threw in some Stan's while I was at it (rims were already taped up and tubeless ready)
    • Swapped dropper control onto the left side of the bar
    • Fitted my K-Edge Garmin stem cap mount thing
    • Stripped down cranks (took spider off) ready to fit direct mount chainring tomorrow

    Jobs to complete tomorrow:
    • Fit chainring
    • Re-assemble drivetrain
    • Add a couple of links and re-fit chain
    • Helitape frame and fit new enduro guards
    • Put flip chip into DH/Enduro-yo! descend mode
    • Ride bike!!!!

    Pictures to follow tomorrow, but in the meantime here's my new pedals...

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  • So it all came together at last yesterday, new chainring arrived and went on super easy, flipped my flip chip ready for BPW on Saturday and then helitaped various bits of the frame and fitted the enduro guards.

    I’m really pleased with the look of the bike with the blue DM chainring and more minimalist MRP 1x chainguide which I stole off m Stumpjumper before I sold it, such a tidy looking setup! Took it out for a 10 miler last night (on the hottest June day since 1976, who thought that was a good idea!?).

    Feels so much more comfortable than the Stumpy, steering feels more planted too and I like the added turning resistance created by the slacker head angle.

    The only thing I did notice was that the 42t rear ring didn’t seem to spin as freely as I expected uphill compared to the 36t on my Stumpjumper, it was still easier, but not as much as I expected. Then it suddenly twigged that the cranks on the Swoop are 5mm shorter. Would it really make that much of a difference losing 5mm of crank length to the feel of the gearing?

    Anyway, enough waffle, here’s some photos!

    Overall shot:

    Drivetrain closeup:

    Drivetrain closeup:

    K-Edge Garmin stem mount thing:
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  • Uber_Pod
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    That's a really nice looking bike - you must be well chuffed! :)
  • Uber_Pod wrote:
    That's a really nice looking bike - you must be well chuffed! :)

    Really pleased with it, and the colour scheme is really growing on me! Can't wait to give it a proper test ride at BPW tomorrow!
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  • Took the Swoop on it's first trip to BikePark Wales on Saturday, and despite the questionable forecast was greeted by partly blue skies and around 20 degrees all day!

    Broke 12 Strava PRs on trails I've ridden on at least 3 or 4 previous trips to BPW and can't rate the Swoop highly enough! Geometry makes it feel so much more stable, and it seems to carry a lot more speed than the Stumpjumper did.

    Here's a quick video of a run down the top section of Terry's Belly to the fire road which only re-opened recently after being closed for 6 weeks for maintainance, so lots of silky smooth berms and of course a PR on my first run down!

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  • poah
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    do you really need 170mm for that trail lol

    get yourself a dead cat for the gopro.
  • POAH wrote:
    do you really need 170mm for that trail lol

    get yourself a dead cat for the gopro.

    For that trail no, you could do that trail on a hardtail without too much bother. But as it's the only way to get down to the fire road which joins the jump run Popty Ping and the red run Hot Stepper you have to use the top section of Terry's Belly.

    I'd looked at getting one, but there didn't seem to be any good options available for the Hero 5 yet, all the ones I saw were shaped specifically for the Hero 4.
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  • POAH wrote:
    RYCOTE Micro Windjammer

    It's an option, but not ideal as the Hero 5 has 3 mics I think, some of which are obstructed by the mounting frame.

    I'm sure a proper Hero 5 one will appear at some point with there being such a big market for them!
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  • poah
    poah Posts: 3,369
    The foam ones that cover the unit cause it to heat up. you can turn the mics off on the hero black, I've put one on the front mic and covered the rear mic in tape.
  • Hope you don't mind me resurrecting this thread, I'm thinking of getting a swoop too...... How's it survived a fun summer?