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bladed spokes in front, double butted spokes on back?

PrashmashPrashmash Posts: 2
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Im getting a new set of wheels built up (fixed) and I was wondering if having a front radial pattern with bladed spokes and a rear 3 cross wheel with double butted spokes be a good idea? My logic of thinking is that bladed spokes on front would give the most aero gain and the rear wheel can just be made lighter with double butted spokes. Is it best just to stick to one or the other? Bladed spokes are quite abit more expensive in my local bike shop so just one wheel with bladed spokes is a cheaper option for me.


  • The RookieThe Rookie Posts: 27,747
    Bladed spokes on a commuter do seem somewhat overkill! Just use decent butted spokes on both ends.

    Aero spokes are a tiny benefit, a long way after rim, tyre and even your riding position.
  • I have this set up, purely by coincidence, though.

    the original wheels were regular spokes, but the bearings were a bit shot, and rims quite a bit out of true. bought a mavic openpro for the back (seems pretty strong, so can rely on it surviving my 14st ham-fisted riding), and a mavic aksium with bladed spokes on the front (because it was going for a decent price on ebay :-) ).

    I can't imagine the aero spokes make anything like the difference I found in getting decent bearings running, tweaking the derailleur, cleaning and greasing the chain and sprockets and gear cables, and other such boring maintenance stuff.

    I have found that using an oval front chainring has upped several of PBs on strava, but took a couple of weeks to get used to, and now "feels" like I am pedalling much more smoothly with it. I am no expert, and have read through a lot of internet reviews on ovals and similar, and there are as many cons as pros out there, but placebo does give great gains ;-)

  • mudcoveredmudcovered Posts: 725
    I'd also add that aero spokes are a pain if you ever need to tweak a wheel back to true yourself. They tend to twist unless you use something to hold the blade of the spoke in the right direction.

    And having ridden the same bike both with and without I never noticed any difference at all in performance with or without them.
  • fenixfenix Posts: 5,437
    What do you wear to commute ? I saw an ironman tri at teh weekend.

    People on 5 grand tri bikes for aero benefit. Aero helmet and a big baggy rainjacket acting like a parachute.

    I'd not worry about bladed spokes for a commute.
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