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Curious - XC Travel?

jacksoneakerjacksoneaker Posts: 60
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I'm starting to consider upping my mtb game. I'm currently a roadie with a cheap mtb and am thinking of upgrading. The trails are very tame around me and I would be most interested in Xc racing.

What is the most suspension you would use in an Xc race? I think I'd want more that 100mm just in case I end up somewhere fun and push it, but I don't want to loose any competitive edge.



  • cooldadcooldad Posts: 32,904
    It's more about the bike than the travel. Why not go to some races and see what people ride?
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  • oxomanoxoman Posts: 8,697
    I currently ride low level entry level stuff on 120mm Anthem Sx have also used it on a couple of beginner cx races as well. Also ridden hard at loads of trail centres with no problems.
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  • b_wildeb_wilde Posts: 7
    Wouldnt want to be going over 120mm. There are now loads of capable xc bikes being released as the courses get more technical. Something like the new spark (regular not RC version) might well fit the bill perfect.
  • lofty102lofty102 Posts: 174
    I have the Scott spark 730, 120mm travel, weighs just under 13kg with pedals on, light enough to go uphill at a decent pace and I've not found it wanting on the black runs at Hamsterley or Glentress. It came 2nd in trail bike of the year and I've not seen a bad review of it yet!
    The suspension can be locked out or reduced to 85mm by the twin lock lever on handlebars which helps on fire roads or uphill trails.
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