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Looking for a Thule/Chariot Cougar 1

adambruntlettadambruntlett Posts: 257
Hi all. We have a 5 month old and are looking into getting a (Thule) Chariot Cougar 1 for the nursery run (I'll take her there behind my bike, partner will pick her up and use the stroller/jogging wheel) to wheel her back. Also planning on probably using it for Glastonbury (yes, we are mad) so time is rather limited, with only a month until then.

Is anyone selling one, ideally in the London area or between there and Lincolnshire?


  • jimwalshjimwalsh Posts: 113 ... 1555.l2649

    I have this for sale. based just north of london.
  • JoshgavJoshgav Posts: 158
    The advice is that children in bike trailers should be wearing helmets. I managed to find a 44cm one for my then 10 month old but that is the smallest they go. There is also some advice on not putting children under 1 in bike seats/trailers as their necks aren't strong enough to cope, I ignored it to a point by using a trailer for a 10 month old.
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