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Advice for a Newbie Road Cyclist

oldman243oldman243 Posts: 2
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Hello Everyone, I am looking for some advice as I am both new to the forum and road cycling.
For about 3 months I have been riding into work and home 5 days a week, about 15 miles a day.
I'm 53yrs old and a shade under 17 stone so not a slim cyclist. I have been using my bike to get fit and lose weight after total knee replacement. I did weigh 18stone+ in February. Anyway back to the reason for my post. I have a Claude Butler Roubaix which I believe was purchased around 2002. It has not be modified as far as I can tell and has the original parts which I guess are 15 years old. So it is equipped with SORA ST-3300 Flight Deck Compatible STI Shifters, SORA Rear Derailleur RD–3300 SS, SORA Front Derailleur FD-3300, SORA Crankset FC- 3301 octalink? 8 Speed SG B-52-SG B-39 , Cassette CS-hg50-8 HG. Brakes: Dual pivot alloy Tektro, Rims: Ridiga DPX, Saddle: Selle Bassano Excaliber.
Unfortunately my funds are limited to around £500. So I really would like some advice on whether I should look at updating my current bike with new or upgraded parts, and if so which parts are more important? Or bit the bullet and look at buying a new bike at the £500 level. Do you think I would be better upgrading my claude butler or research new builds for under £500. It looks like my existing bike is made out of alloy? Fork : Straight Blade Aero, Frame: Aero Profile Alloy Tubing,
It looks like rIbble cycles have group-sets for around £200-£400, but I'm a total newbie I have no idea if I need new wheels/rims? etc if I go up from 8 speed to 9,10,11 speed? Thanking you for reading my long post as a newbie I am a bit confused with the options and suitability. I am really enjoying cycling and hopefully can look at joining a local cycling club once I build my strength and fitness. In an ideal world I would have more money than £500 but personal issues mean £500 is my limit.


  • fenixfenix Posts: 5,437
    What's wrong with the bike you have now ? To be honest - unless something breaks I'd not replace it. If your brakes or gears are fine now - well new ones would be just as fine.

    I'd keep going with the bike as it is and look around for a new one. You can get some really decent bikes from £500 and up and if you go second hand then your money will go even further. Use the time with your old bike to bag a nearly new bargain I say.
  • svettysvetty Posts: 1,904
    My advice would be to continue commuting on your existing bike and perhaps join a local club. If you progress your riding and improve you will likely want to get a better bike and if you can save a bit more there are good bikes for around £700 or so that would be a good step up from your existing one - which you can still use for commuting, using your newer one for club/training rides
    FFS! Harden up and grow a pair :D
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