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Kickr Snap Issue

BmthBlokeBmthBloke Posts: 7
I have just swapped from a non-smart trainer to a Kickr Snap and would value anyone's feedback who owns one.

The trainer is sat on rubber mats with carpet underneath.

When I ride there is quite a pronounced vibration through the handle bars and the family downstairs are complaining about a horrible loud noise. While riding I can't say I find it noisy but the vibration is not great. As part of my problem solving I swapped out the normal bike for my road bike and the noise/vibration is still there.

Looking on the web I have found a video showing movement in the roller and doing my own recording can see very similar levels of movement.

I have raised a ticket with Wahoo but in the meantime interested to see if this is a known issue and what people have done to get round it?


  • MiddleRingerMiddleRinger Posts: 678
    Vibration will always be an issue but you can reduce it. Assuming your trainer is not faulty:

    - More insulation underneath to isolate it. Try layering up. Start with a square of carpet, then a thick rubber mat then a layer of plywood then another rubber mat to totally insulate the trainer from the flooring. Sounds like a lot but anything you can do to separate the vibrations of the trainer from your flooring will help. I've even heard layers of newspaper between the matting works!

    - Ensure your drivetrain is running super slick (least important, but still helps).

    - Smooth tyre. The smoother your tyre the quieter it'll be and it'll also reduce any vibrations. A super smooth tread free road tyre will be the best but will wear quicker. I found using a proper trainer tyre helped with noise.

    - Move your trainer setup downstairs...
  • Websta24Websta24 Posts: 162
    I had the same issue although i was literally just on a towel on top of the carpet. I swapped to a trainer specific tyre ( ... tyre-road/) Which improved it, but she still says its noticeable.

    Best thing you can do is move the trainer setup downstairs. I used to train outside with my old turbo but it seems the Ant+ or BT signal isn't strong enough to be picked up so the data doesn't broadcast which is annoying!
  • rozzer32rozzer32 Posts: 3,802
    Quite a common issue with the snaps recently. Check out the kickr/snap owners group on Facebook, lots of people describing the same issue as you and got replacement units.
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  • Websta24Websta24 Posts: 162
    Are you getting the really loud, clicky type noise that some video's on youtube show?? Or is it just general vibration?

    The vibration the comes from mine is more like a hum that is hardly noticeable at low watts but naturally it gets louder as the flywheel spins faster.... Its comparable to my last non-smart trainer
  • Yeah I know this is a bit late in but I’ve just got a Snap and have the self same vibration issue. Almost hoping it’s not a fault, but it really feels like an imbalance in the flywheel. Just my
    luck ☹️ I know it’s not the bike because I pedalled up to speed then quickly wound the roller back off the tyre, whilst the trainer was still at speed, and listened/felt the same vibration all the way down to rest. At the last very low speed, I could feel the out of balance with my hand on the housing, a slow almost rocking feel.
    I’ve raised a ticket. I guess I’ll get asked to make a movie of it 🎥
    Really not looking forward to the hassle of returns etc. A bit of chewing gum on the flywheel might do it 👍 We’ll see ....
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