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De Rosa King XS - Bianchi Infinito CV -Basso Astra

ChrisChileChrisChile Posts: 3
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Hi all.
Im in the final stage of choosing a frame set under the following conditions.
1. Italian bike (hopefully fully made in Italy)
2. Bike with some Pedigree.
3. Endurance bike.
4. No disc Breaks.
I ride currently a Argon18 Gallium Pro, good for the mountains and good for about 3-4 hours "Endurance" anything beyond that, heaven is not a place on earth.
In both cases the Group set is Campy Record and wheel set Campy Bullet Ultra 50mm
Which of the above would you suggest, and why. Also if you would suggest something else, it has to comply with the above 4 conditions.
I tried the Colnago C60 from a friend, yes he borrowed me his baby, feels more like a climbing machine rather than a Endurance. Said that, it is a magnificente machine, but the frame set is at least 1.200 EUR more.

Any thoughts?


  • dstev55dstev55 Posts: 742
    Well I've only had my Infinito CV for just over a week but one thing I can tell you is that the ride is absolutely sublime. I bought this after I realised my previous bike (Focus Cayo) was just too aggressive for me and also slightly on the small side, despite being set up with a short stem angle upwards to slacken the geometry. Immediately the Infinito felt more aggressive when I slung a leg over it. It has a 100mm stem which is slammed with all spacers above it. I say it felt more aggresive, but it also felt more natural.

    Anyway, nearly 200 miles in and I am over the moon with my purchase. The ride is pure class and I haven't had a hint of the back and neck ache that I previously had even after 50+ miles. It seems to eliminate nearly all of the road chatter you get on the poor quality British roads and that's with alloy bars. Yet it still feels racey. It is stiff when you put the power down, it climbs far better than it's 8kg weight should allow and I now ride in the drops much more than previously.

    I am currently in the process of swapping a couple of bits out to make it completely Italian, but for me it feels like I own the Ferrari of the cycling world.
  • PTestTeamPTestTeam Posts: 395
    You'll need to check if these frames are indeed 'Made in Italy'. A lot of the bigger Italian brands have their frames made in the Far East, but because the bikes are assembled back in Italy, a 'Made in Italy' sticker can be applied.

    What sort of issues are you getting after 4 hours on the bike?
  • paul1000paul1000 Posts: 187
    Go for the de rosa, I have an 888 super king, love it, you don't see many.
  • g00seg00se Posts: 2,221
    The Basso is definitely make in Italy. I'm not sure about the others. Some de Rosas are Taiwanese (not that's a bad thing, as most frames are made there). Certainly the older R838 and R848s were.
  • DeRosa = open mould ribble with a substantial markup
  • shortfallshortfall Posts: 3,287
    All other considerations aside, the Basso Astra is the best looking frame by a country mile IMHO. Photographs don't do it justice.
  • Hi All,
    After 3 days in Milano,and surroundings, meeting with owners of some of the brands, and testing some amazing ones, I bought a Bianchi Infinito CV.
    All the purchasing experience was fantastic. I tried all the bikes, and the one who fitted better for what I was looking for, was the Bianchi.
    The problem with trying some of them, as well as the Oltore XR3 2017 (with CV tech) is that I want them all....
    Something technical to add is what Mr. De Rosa told me about the King XS, this particular bike does not go very well with guys with long legs and short torso (like me)... As for him not only the bike has to fit perfect, but has to look perfect. Im 186 cm, best fit would be a Stack 57,5 and a Reach of 40, which puts me in between the 57 and the 59. So he recommend the Proto, wich is stiff as a rock, very responsive, but on a maximal angle for race, and can be adjusted to my proportions and still looks that you and the bike are one, and not you are on the bike, if you know what I mean. Far more than my Gallium Pro Astana. I also tried the Pinnifarina SK Lux... I just wanted to kill my self.. Less race position, still amazingly stiff, responsive and above 35km/h, the difference of power input to reach the +40, was not nearly close to the effort I put on my Gallium Pro. It could have been placebo..... :roll: The De Rosa Pinnifarina, is still 1.000 Euro above the Bianchi, and the Protos 1.300, they are not endurance bikes, but they are amazingly made. The Basso Astra, it is beautiful, as well as the Wieller 10Cento very skinny, very light... I just did not feel the confort I was looking for.... And I can certainly loose 100grs of weight by eating less.
    For now I will ride my two bikes, even we have only one butt...., but Im certain that my next bike will be a De Rosa.

    Finaly to clarify some doubts on the making:
    Oltre, Specialissima and Infinito are made in Italy, Pinnifarina and Protos, are made completely in Italy, the King, the "parts" are made in Taiwan, but Assembly in Italy, Basso = Italy, Wieller 10cento and the 6, are made in Italy, all others Taiwan.

    I must add that all bikes I tried had Campy SuperRecord, I have Chorus group Set on my bike... there is a difference, but unless you go Di, not worth the change. One thing is clear, an Italian bike can not have Shimano Groupset, it is just wrong. :?
  • lincolndavelincolndave Posts: 9,441
    A very good choice Chris, the Infinito is an excellent ride , I have had mine for 7 months , the cv really works , its surprising how much road noise/ vibration it does remove
    Enjoy your ride
  • dstev55dstev55 Posts: 742
    Yes very good choice. I've only had my Infinito CV with Super Record EPS for a month now but it is a stunning bike, very comfy with no let up on the speed front when you want it. Very happy with my purchase.
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