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Any Mio Cyclo Experts On Here?

LoziLozi Posts: 14
edited May 2017 in Road general

I am having abit of an issue with my Mio and Strava which is pretty annoying and I was wondering if there is something I am doing wrong.

I have a Cyclo 315 linked to Strava, the automatically upload to Strava option is disabled but whenever I plug it into my pc and sync it then it uploads all my rides to Strava anyway. I currently use my phone to record my rides on Strava so its pretty annoying having to go through my feed and delete all the duplicates whenever I sync my Mio, I accidently bought the Mio without wifi and rarely use my pc these days so I only sync it when I want to update live segments.


  • Ascot17Ascot17 Posts: 97
    Where have you disabled the sync with Strava option?

    When you plug in the device, it is probably uploading your data to MioShare (webpage).
    You need to ensure the Strava synchronisation is disabled within MioShare:

    [your name] >Account > Synchronistion Settings
  • LoziLozi Posts: 14
    Thanks it's on mioshare that it's disabled.

    I have live segments enabled and "automatically upload to strava" disabled but it still does it.
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