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Wheel choice

arix36arix36 Posts: 67
edited May 2017 in MTB buying advice
Hi guys one last bit of help please. I ve decided on the carbon frame jeffsy . Its just wheel size iam stuck on 27.5 /29 i mainly ride my local forest trials in thetford . I currently ride a 26" iam 6'3" and 11.5 stone ive been riding for a year now and would class my skills at just above beginner. PLEASE help its doing my nut in

Many thanks Anthony


  • gregwarigregwari Posts: 230
    Check their website, they've been doing loads of test days recently (although some sh!tbags stole a load when they were at FOD). Would also suggest (due to your height) to try one before you guy, I'm 6ft and tried my friends large and it felt waaaay to small for me - I'd feel v comfortable on their XL judging by the reach etc.
    Either way, friend rates his 29er as one as just awesome (also owns an SWORKS Enduro and Scott Genius LT tuned, so its in good company!)
  • arix36arix36 Posts: 67
    Thats good to hear I was going to order the xl sized frame i think it would fit well
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