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MTB Brake Levers with Flat Mount Brakes???

vegasfostervegasfoster Posts: 59
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Hi, I am planning to build out a flat bar road bike, which the frame has flat mount brake standard. I would prefer to connect something like the slx 7000 brake lever directly to a rs805 caliper and not use post mount adapter. Can I do? I found shimano compatibility matrix but doesn't seem to answer and searches coming up empty. Or sram? Maybe I'm the only one who wants to do. Thank you for any feedback.


  • bbrapbbrap Posts: 610
    I've changed a road bike that had post mount calipers (rs785) for rs505 flat mounts with no problems. As the rs785 is pretty much the same as used on mountain bikes I can't see any issue in changing.
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  • The RookieThe Rookie Posts: 27,748
    The calliper internals are the same for flat, post and IS, so yes it will work fine.

    If you are yet to buy the frame bear in mind flat bars will need one or two frame sizes larger to get the cockpit length right as the hand hold point on drops is further ahead of the headtube, if it usually has an inline seatpost then using a setback will give you the equivalent of about one frame size longer.
  • vegasfostervegasfoster Posts: 59
    Great, that's awesome, thanks for the feedback. Point taken on the size, but to elaborate, I have lower back issues and currently riding a flat bar bike and it is too long actually. I can get similar stack and about 25mm shorter reach with road frame, which riding with my hands in a fist behind the bar feels much better to me, so thinking 25mm is about right. Though, also thinking now it may be worthwhile to spend a little money on a shorter stem and try it out for a bit on my current bike first before spending a bunch of money. :-)

    Welcome any feedback if that logic is flawed.
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