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Garmin 810 charging problem

dov2711dov2711 Posts: 131
edited June 2017 in Road general
When I plug the 810 into with the computer or the mains it is recognised by both but instead of charging up its using up the battery at a quickened rate.

Tried various garmin cables and chargers all with the same outcome. The unit hasn't been used since September last year as I use a 510 day to day and the mapped unit for touring.

Any ideas?


  • Pippy astonPippy aston Posts: 37
    Well if you've tried different cables then it must be the 810 then. How old is it?
  • dowtchadowtcha Posts: 438
    You could try a factory reset.
  • pirniepirnie Posts: 242
    Maybe try letting it die (go flat) and then recharging from empty?

    Sometimes the battery state can get misinterpreted by the software. My old 500 spent most of its life at 100% battery, but if you let it run flat it would fix it temporarily
  • navrig2navrig2 Posts: 1,665
    Dowtcha wrote:
    You could try a factory reset.

    This and let it go flat.
  • Mr _TibbsMr _Tibbs Posts: 46
    Agree with letting it die but also check the cable socket is dry, any moisture or gunk could cause an issue.
  • Man Of LardMan Of Lard Posts: 903
    Reality: battery is probably toast. Replacement is £15-20 if you DIY (videos on YouTube to help you out in the replacement process).
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