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Considering 2000-3000 MTB

nolimitsoljanolimitsolja Posts: 3
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Hey guys,

I'm currently riding a 2012 Giant Revel 2 hardtail. I've noticed that there is a TON of flex when I peddle in the lowest gear. When in the lowest gear pedaling as hard as I can, my frame flexes so much that the tire slightly rubs on the frame. I'm thinking that I need a new bike to compensate for my rather hard riding style.

After some research, it seems that 2-3k is a good starting spot, with 3k being the real sweet spot. Can anybody give me some input on the bikes I have been considering? I'm really new to MTB but want a bike that I can ride pretty hard without feeling like it will fall apart. I pretty much put these bikes in order of preference. I feel the Jeffsy is the best bang for the buck but a little concerned with the direct-consumer brands and the fact that support may be more difficult. I am really looking for more input on the Trance 2 as I've had good personal experience with Giant and local support.

Bikes I'm Considering:
1. 2017 YT AL One Jeffsy 27.5
2. 2017 Santa Cruz Bronson R1x (3k version)
3. 2017 Giant Trance 2 (I have a Giant Fastroad and do really like it. Worried that not many people have talked about the Trance 2)
4. 2017 Canyon SPECTRAL CF 8.0 EX
5. 2017 Stumpjumper FSR Comp 650b

Thanks for any advice that can be offered! FYI, I am in Kansas/Missouri and so most of my local trails are hilly forest paths with lots of roots, rocks, and changes in elevation. I wouldn't be taking any jumps but want to move quickly across all the rocks and roots, up and down the hills quickly. As long as I don't get hurt and really keep riding, I'd probably take some trips to different places to ride. I really enjoy riding paved trails on my roadbike and mtb trails on my mtb bike.

Thanks again!


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