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Cycle computers.

davey.daveydavey.davey Posts: 89
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Hi there guys.

Quick question for a friend.

He's into mountain biking, Cannock chase, trails etc.

Is it worth his family buying him a cycle computer (surprise pressie) for his mountain biking? What do they tell you apart from what strava wouldn't?

There budget is around £100, not sure this would get anything beneficial!?

Thanks for any advice :D


  • LimitedGarryLimitedGarry Posts: 400
    That is SO individual.

    Seriously, this is something you need to consult with the person who's supposed to get the present. Buying the right present is worth ten times more than getting a surprise present.
    Also, it's extremely awkward to be the one receiving the gift, opening it, and saying "oh this is great" while thinking "what the hell is this?" and then immediately feeling like a censored human being for thinking that.

    And cyclo computers in general are a matter of taste. Most people I know don't want any at all. I personally want a really basic one to keep track of my mileage and to occasionally have a short peek to know when I'm going at insta-death velocity on the XC downhills. Wouldn't really want maps on my mountain bike. Road bike, maybe.
    But guys who are into XC racing often use them (for the training functions). Off road touring guys might also like them - being constantly aware where you are, not having to reach for your phone.

    Bottom line: A great gift for someone who wants it, a censored gift for someone who doesn't.
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