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newbie01newbie01 Posts: 3
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I have a road bike with raised bars and a maxium tyre size of 700x32c. I don't like road riding or mountain but really enjoy riding the NCR and want to do trails like the South Down Link. On my bike with 700x25c tyres I struggled on gravel doing the forest way. So would the same bike with bigger tyres 32c be able to cope or do I need a mountain type bike that has bigger tyres?


  • fat daddyfat daddy Posts: 2,632
    Depends how competing you are ... 32c racing Ralph's on my single speed easily cope with bristols mtb trails .... which in mtb terms isn't much, but it's harder than a link or way, what with steps, drops, rocks, roots, mud, etc ... just lacks the altitude
  • newbie01newbie01 Posts: 3
    Not to bothered about speed Just more comfort and safety really. .I done another one today on my 25c and it was not to bad. I think I will get cheap bigger tyres are if they work. Thanks.
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