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daily commute Altrincham (or Lymm) - Warrington IKEA

FermiFermi Posts: 4
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How is to commute daily between either Altrincham (or Lymm) to Warrington IKEA?
I am not afraid of the distance, either 15 or 9miles, but I am concerned those roads in winter will be dark and without cycle lanes.
Of course I will have plenty of my own lights, front and rear, but still...
I used to commute Altrincham - Manchester center, every day, via the A56, and althought it was always congested it was reasonably lit and the traffic was very streamline so reasonably safe.


  • Man Of LardMan Of Lard Posts: 903
    If it's anything like when I lived in Lymm 20 years ago, it'll be nose to tail traffic crawling along below 10mph most of the way in to Warrington... But consider using the canal path (as far as Wilderspool Causeway) to avoid the chaos up Eagle Brow :)
  • FermiFermi Posts: 4

    Alternative, suppose I work at Warrington IKEA, where are good places to live within (cycling) commute distance? We want to be within cycling/walking distance of primary and secondary schools, no other needs.
    I know Altrincham and Lymm are very good places (they are also very expensive).
  • cruffcruff Posts: 1,518
    From Altrincham, that's a commute of two halves. The bit to Lymm is lovely - country roads through Dunham Massey and Rushgreen which are great, and even up to Thelwall (the canal bridge). Once you get over that though it's a different story - you either go through Warrington itself (horrendous on a bike) or skirt round it on the A50 (fast road, with shoddy driving). It'll be about 25km

    As for other places to live that cycling would be better from - your main problem is always going to be getting over the East Lancs Road - which will make any commute from a town on the North side a nightmare because the traffic is ridiculous in the rush hour. That said, bits of Newton-le-Willows are nice, and Culcheth and Risley are lovely too - but pricey (both on the south side of the East Lancs though)

    I live in Hindley Green (suburb of Wigan/Westhoughton) and used to work in Birchwood, so kind of know the commuting issues. Also train regularly round Dunham Massey/Warburton/Culcheth/Glazebury when I want somewhere flat. It's a lovely part of the world, that. Warrington... Not so much :)
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  • gingerscottgingerscott Posts: 12
    I commute from near Ikea into central Manchester.I use the on road cycle paths out to Birchwood & Gorse Covert and then head over the Moss on School Lane/ Dam Lane towards Cadishead. Then up the Cadishead Way and cross over the MSC at Irlam Locks. Its all well lit apart from about a mile or so over the Moss which is on a farm track and well used by cyclists. From Altrincham you could head towards the Warburton bridge and then over the Moss towards North Warrington. From Lymm your kind of left with either the back roads or the TPT towards Thelwall. I came home that way on Monday and to be honest getting from Lymm to near Ikea was a major pain as you're caught in with cars all the way
  • FermiFermi Posts: 4
    Thanks, very useful
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