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Go-Pro and seat post mount advice

johnnymcg259johnnymcg259 Posts: 569
edited May 2017 in Road general
Hi, the wife wants me to install a Go-Pro on the bike; I'm resisting but to be fair I've had a few accidents over the years and she's getting increasingly persistant that I 'obey' on this one! :shock:

I'd rather have the thing on the rear seat post of the bike as many a time I've had 'punishment passes' and in Oct 2104 I was rear ended and left for dead in a hit and run.........

Here's the rub though........I do not want anything bulky on the bike though as it'd just upset the bike tart in me! Any suggestions or experiences on options re kit please? It'd be getting attached to a slightly oversized saddle rail system btw.

Thanks in advance, Johnny.


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