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Best time to buy

jimmocratesjimmocrates Posts: 131
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As per title - when can you get the best deal?
My bike has served me well for past 5 years and still does (2012 Alu Defy), but baby no.2 on the way means I've been given my last chance for a long time for an upgrade.
I'd love a nice carbon frame with disc brakes ~ £1500-£2000. I've seen some really nice bikes around this price - synapse ultegra, scott solace and the orro gold someone posted on here a couple of months ago.

Not in a desperate hurry yet, but when do prices usually drop? Is it about August or should hold out into winter?


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    I'm sorry you don't believe in miracles
  • MisterMuncherMisterMuncher Posts: 1,302
    Paul's cycles, August.
  • Generally after the Tour, as we start to see what next season has to offer. But you have to know what you want and act quickly
  • Depends,
    If you are after a specific bike I would try and find out whats left in stock about the country, If you are happy to get what ever is on a good deal at the time then wait.

    I had been looking at a Trek Emonde ALR4, its now out of stock in the Black frame in several sizes (limited residual stock in shops dotted about) and there was only 8 of the larger 2 sizes in the Red. If i had decided that that was the bike for me then I would potentially be out of luck come sale season
  • Man Of LardMan Of Lard Posts: 903
    When the bike you actually want is available to buy in your size and you have the cash to buy it.

    I bought mine in March last year in Ireland during a St Patrick's weekend sale, joined the Irish Triathlon club to get a further 15% off the already keen deal.
  • londoncommuterlondoncommuter Posts: 1,550
    Depends on how well you hold your nerve and how badly you want a particular bike, also on if you're an outlier in size (I found I could never get a bargain 52cm Cannondale frame but there were loads of 54cm). Places like Paul's flog years old bikes so they just get cheaper and cheaper so you can hang on and hang on but do risk losing out.

    As everyone has mentioned, sales generally kick off on last year's models in August. Some brands are later though e.g. I got a bargain Genesis when they dumped stock early this year.

    Good luck and enjoy shopping around.
  • myidealmyideal Posts: 231
    Yep got my synapse from Evans in the sale late Aug last year. Price remained the same until Feb this year when noticed they took an extra 5% off the few odd sizes they had knocking about.

    The best deals are late summer and after most of the tours - clearly because the tour and summer are great times to sell at full price.
  • jimmocratesjimmocrates Posts: 131
    Thanks all.
    I'll wait til August/September. I do like my bike but if I don't upgrade then I'll be wishing I had a year or two from now.

    Not fixed on any one bike. Carbon/quality frame/discs is likely to be my criteria.
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