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Hillingdon Masters 4 (10/05/17)

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Masters - (50-59)

On the S bend I kicked out hard and held threshold for maybe thirty seconds before we all freewheeled happily across the finish line. The chain remained unbroken but the game of swapsies at the front of the bunch continued. I slipped back to 3rd position behind Dominic Gabellini, Rapha Condor’s, wiley old sprinter. I swung to the right and lit things up once again – this time not a threshold strike but a real match burner. Off into the wind, elbows in, back flat, 53/15 and a cadence just north of 110. I got to the Hillingdon club house on my jack jones. My gear selection for the draggy bit was clumsy. I’d been over ambitious - unless it’s a downhill me and 53/12 are not great bedfellows. Spinning is winning says cycling Vlogger Durianrider! Click the FCuK down! Hmmm. As that familiar burn engulfed my thighs up the drag I caught a couple of green-clad marshals watching on from the sidelines at the top the circuit. I approached the finish line a panting wreck.

A man in a fleecy red top held up number 5. A quick glance under my arm and I pressed on continuing to tread the thin line between VO2 max and anaerobic threshold. Pleasingly, the lap number 4 board appeared quicker than I expected. In contrast, lap 3 effort was pretty desperate. I tried to improve my aerodynamics by pressing my nose almost up against the stem - fatigue and rising blood lactate started to signal the inevitable. The 2nd lap was simply horrible! Finally, the bell rang out. I wanted to look back as I crossed the finish line for the penultimate time but bottled it! One last effort up the drag this time less smooth than previous ones – and a complete fail in terms of ‘racing line’ negotiation. A young kid clapped and shouted encouragement. Mild paranoia began - perhaps the bunch were coming up fast behind me and the youngster was cheering for his Dad or something. I risked a final glance back while descending into the S bend and relaxed… nothing but a beautiful clear road. Yes! One hand up nice to finally get a win at Hillingdon after 13 years of racing.
Thanks to all the organizers of Masters Racing at Hillingdon


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