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I know an old biker who swallowed a fly.

pbassredpbassred Posts: 208
edited May 2017 in MTB general
Not so much swallowing them as breathing them. This evening I took my CX bike along the old railway cycle track. Bug central. Any recommendations for a bug mask that won't make my face sweat or drool? Oh yeah, and I like to do lots of breathing too, so something that doesn't get in the way of that.
P.S. yes I know that CX isn't MTB, but the forest is an MTB specialism.

Thanks in advance.


  • oxomanoxoman Posts: 11,730
    As I swing all ways, I have learnt to keep my mouth shut when flies around as much as possible. Enjoy the extra protein. Have been tempted to find a mask of sorts but only ever seen anti pollution ones.
    Too many bikes according to Mrs O.
  • tomb57tomb57 Posts: 2,043
    I have a problem breathing through my nose and as most of my riding is on trails
    Past farm s and fields get fed up swallowing flying protein, looked at Amazon
    And did find some masks like the Chinese and Japanese wear in black
    But settled for some bandanas at £1.30 each thought I'd give them a go
    To wear ala cowboy as of old , they are due to arrive tomorrow so will update.
    Whoops who did that!
  • iwilldoitiwilldoit Posts: 710
    Couldn't you wear a light weight buff/neck warmer sort of thing and when your in a area where the flies are just pull it up on the move and then pull it back down when it's not needed and people might not think your some scally fleeing the scene.
  • tomb57tomb57 Posts: 2,043
    Tried a lightweight buff/neck warmer found them too hot in this weather (good in winter)
    Any way bandanas arrived yesterday washed them to soften and wore one today
    Although wetish still flys about , very good folded into three inch band
    Tied behind I would recommend these only downside as with all things
    Round mouth when you stop glasses mist up but soon cleared when moving
    Hope this some help
    Regards Tom
    Whoops who did that!
  • Ross GardnerRoss Gardner Posts: 230
    Gore face warmer ... B00F6UZW6Q

    I personally have the balaclava.
  • rockmonkeyscrockmonkeysc Posts: 14,774
    Getting one in your ear is much worse. They can get stuck in the wax and stay alive, buzzing for a good couple hours. It's a REALLY unpleasant experience.
  • tomb57tomb57 Posts: 2,043
    Yes had that as well but figure the odds are that it won't happen again this year
    censored bet it happens tomorrow again now should learn to keep stum
    Ah well never mind.
    Whoops who did that!
  • LimitedGarryLimitedGarry Posts: 400
    When I am expecting to be coming home late or riding where I know there's a ton of insects, I carry a balaclava in my pocket or bag. I only use it when necessary, as during hot summer, it's hardly a comfort item.
    Makes your breathing harder, your face sweatier, fogs up your glasses and the whole area covering your mouth gets wet within minutes - in a nutshell, you'll drool all over it.

    If your problem is swallowing a single fly during a ride, I'd say it's hardly a justification to cover your face for the whole ride.
    Angle your head a little so that there's lesser chance of the insect getting into your mouth, open your mouth only a little and only when breathing out. Breathe in with your nose, or at least mostly with your nose.
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