Teenage Cancer Trust - Fundraiser bike ride - an idea

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Apologies for the saturation posts, have posted about this in bottom bracket but people may not have seen it

I know many of you will have read MRS's thread about his daughter and her illness. You will also have noted his praise for the TCT and the work that they do in helping youngsters with these awful illnesses.

Reading the thread really resonated with me and it has been on my mind. I decided it would be good to try and do something positive about it and have had a bit of an idea. I've run it past MRS and he is happy for me to suggest it to you all and hopefully gather some interest.

Basic idea is based upon something called Bart's Bash, I'm a dinghy sailor and every year we take part (on a certain day) in a race at our club. On the same day all over the country and indeed all over the world other clubs do the same thing. It's a fun race, the idea being to get lots of people on the water and raise some money for the charity. Andrew (Bart) Simpson was an olympic sailor who sadly died in a sailing accident and it was set up in his memory.

My idea is that on a particular day, we all get together with our mates, families, riding buddies and club mates and go for a ride. Suggested distance is a lap of 20km (a rideable distance for kids, occasional cyclists etc) if people want to do 2, 3, 4 or more laps then that's great, they can then record multiple x 20km rides. Even you mountain bikers should be able to manage 20km even if you need an uplift first! :D

Working title is 20K 4 TCT although open to suggestions for a better name!

Rather than one big organised ride we could then make it accessible for all. You can ride it on your own if you like or try and get a few bodies together to make it a bit more fun. Suggest that all who can make a small donation to TCT (we can set up a just giving page so money goes direct to them)

Worst scenario is we only get 10 riders and raise a hundred quid but for me that is better than nothing. I suspect it wouldn't take too much effort for us all to get a few riding buddies together and achieve say 1000km and a few hundred quid donated for the charity.

If people are keen then perhaps a few could organise a local ride and act as organiser/ride leader? I'm happy to do this in my own area (west Kent)

The reason for this initial thread is to register interest in the idea and for people to make suggestions on how to organise and improve it. I think it would be good to do something positive to show our support for TCT and their great work, get some community spirit going, raise a few quid for a noble cause and get out on our bikes, what's not to like?

All comments and input welcome. Thanks