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Small bike bag

denkfauldenkfaul Posts: 39
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I'll be taking my bike on a road trip soon, and am looking for a small bag to fit it in. I can fit the bike in the back of my car standing up with wheels off / saddle down, with a few inches to spare on either side. I'm looking for a bag that will neatly wrap snuggly around the frame so I don't have to worry about chain grease getting everywhere, and also so the bike isn't immediately visible to passersby when parked for lunch etc.

Can anyone recommend something?


  • webboowebboo Posts: 6,054
    I bought a Scicon bags from Wiggle £54 it probley bigger than you need. It has pockets to fit the wheels in, but there is no padding. I just wanted something to stop getting oil on the wife's car.
    I had it wheels out upside down in the rear foot wells, saddle at one side bars at the other. Excess material of the bag just folded out of the way.
  • cougiecougie Posts: 22,512
    Old sheet or duvet over it. Otherwise it Will look like you have a bike in a bike bag in the car.

    Stretchy, so it also works as a wheels-on cover if you need to bring a wet bike into the house. Packs very small.
  • I have a few B&W bike sacks. £40 and fit on the back seat of the car with wheels tucked inside the pockets
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