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Cycle lanes attached to left turn lanes- dangerous?

WillMedicWillMedic Posts: 26
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Doing planning of a route I have noticed a recently built cycle lane attached to the left of a car lane that is now left turn only (used to be left or straight ahead). At the junction the cycle lane disappears just for the width of the road that all traffic in the left turn lane turns left into then continues straight on for cyclists going straight ahead.

Is using this cycle lane to cycle straight ahead just asking for trouble as drivers may assume left turn rule applies to the cyclist too (even though the lane itself doesn't extend left) and am I v likely to get swiped? Is the best option to come out Of the cycle lane early to stop any cars overtaking then only rejoin it once the left turn lane has disappeared?


  • Sounds bad to me. I'd approach the junction as though there wasn't a cycle lane at all and position myself in the straight-ahead lane for cars.
  • pastryboypastryboy Posts: 1,385
    Surely use the same precautions as any cycle lane a car could be turning across? I.e.have alook and listen and dont be level.
  • WillMedicWillMedic Posts: 26
    pastryboy wrote:
    Surely use the same precautions as any cycle lane a car could be turning across? I.e.have alook and listen and dont be level.

    That's what I would usually do but my concern would be if both me and a car behind me are moving and the car doesn't need to think about overtaking me because I'm in a separate lane, the car may not realise that we are on a collision course through it left turning until the last minute
  • fenixfenix Posts: 5,437
    I'd be riding out of that lane and in the other lanes. that way your intention is clear.
  • slowbikeslowbike Posts: 8,498
    as the cycle lane is broken at the point of the left lane going ... er ... left - then it suggests that the cycle lane is give-way - thus it's up to the cyclist to check the way is clear before proceeding.

    Unforutnately a lot of councils provide similar cyclepaths - making the cyclist second class road user - which is why I tend not to use the cyclepaths
  • meanredspidermeanredspider Posts: 12,337
    Several lanes in Cambridge that usher cyclists to the outside of roundabouts too - then having to do the "wall of death" around the outside.
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  • WillMedicWillMedic Posts: 26
    Indeed. Thanks for your advice. I think what I'll do is work on coming out of the lane when I can- there is a cycle 'box' area at the front so if the traffic is stopped can move in front of the middle lane quite easily and then filter off left into the the cycle lane again when the left turn has happened. If the traffic is moving and the lights are green will aim to come out of the cycle lane in advance, maybe into the middle lane if I'm feeling brave, if not at least to a dominant position in the left turn lane where I can't be overtaken and then filter into the cycle lane when it restarts after the junction.
  • The RookieThe Rookie Posts: 27,811
    I have similar at a junction, I find 'indicating right' (right arm out) as if I were changing lane but as an indication I am going straight on results in the left turning cars making sure they are either clear in front or staying behind me without issue.
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