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100km vs 200km

djhnzdjhnz Posts: 50
I'm looking at doing a 200km event, however only ever really done 100km before.

How much harder is it? I do ride 100+ regularly with no problems and probably do 200-300 every week as it is.

Would i need any additional training you think? this would be in 2 weeks time if i choose to do it..


  • meanredspidermeanredspider Posts: 12,337
    What's the elevation like on the 200k compared to your 100k?

    Personally I'd try to push one of my 100k to 150k this weekend - else it's too late anyway. The trick will be to pace yourself - head out at a steadier pace than your 100k rides - you can always speed up in the last 1/3rd if you're feeling strong.
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  • oxomanoxoman Posts: 11,725
    Firstly are we talking sportive or Audax, if Audax then just ride steady I did my first 212km at the beginning of the month having only ever done 102 miles so was suitably concerned about the extra distance. Audax tend to be steadier rides with stops planned in, if a sportive people tend to treat them as a race which is wrong. Either way just pace yourself rather than pushing it and you'll be ok.
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  • djhnzdjhnz Posts: 50
    Audax i guess. I'm thinking i'll just see how i go. 120km is nothing, i do that 2x a week as it is.
  • cyclecliniccycleclinic Posts: 6,865
    If you can ride 120km you can ride 200km if you eat when you need to, drink when you need to and not push to hard. -wheel building and other stuff.
  • slowmartslowmart Posts: 4,409
    The biggest factor is the climbing and how the hills present themselves.

    I did a 224km audax last year and I had several century rides in my legs from earlier in the year.

    It's a longtime on the bike so dress and ride accordingly. My ride was to Prestatyn and it rained from mile 68 until we arrived home. Amazingly it's not that hard physically but the mileage is daunting. I remember cycling to the top of the horse shoe pass thinking I had another 90-100 miles to ride. Knowing where the climbs are helps conserve your energy.

    Eat small amounts often, every half hour or so and drink plenty. The other hurdle is navigation so plan accordingly again.

    Enjoy the day and let us know how you got on
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  • ugo.santaluciaugo.santalucia Posts: 28,022
    The adagio is that if you can do 100 no problem, you can do 200. Pace yourself.

    I find that in the second half of a 200 I need more water and I need more food... so make sure you have plenty of both
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  • Don't think of it as 200km.

    Think of it as 60km then a stop for coffee and cake then another 60km to stop for lunch then another 60km and a stop for afternoon tea (and cake) then 20km back to the start.

  • bikergirl17bikergirl17 Posts: 344
    I typically ride them as one 100 km
    - when that's done I start a wholly new 100 km ride if that makes sense). Psychologically being at mile 90 with 40 miles to go is depressing to me. Many do it by the info / manned controls - so in smaller chunks.

    As others said pacing is a factor. I ride at like level 5 (of 10), but speed up on flats & downhills to gain time. Hills do make a difference, and I typically ride aaa so pacing is really key when faced with 3750m of steep climbs. For a non aaa i push harder on average. I also eat a lot more including a real meal.

    My first 200 km audax I was in a fugue state (3500m) and exhausted but have found it
    mentally easier - though no interest in 300km!
  • imafatmanimafatman Posts: 351
    Good read, I've been raising my cycling this year and I thought 100km was a big ride but now I realise it's a pretty easy weekend ride and have been slowly working to 200km.

    After reading this I might just bang it out on the weekend and get it over and done with!
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