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We all know that an Ebay buyer has protection especially through Paypal - all the buyer needs to do is whinge about something and a full refund is made... pdq sometimes by Paypal, leaving the seller (not a business, up the creek).
What are the sellers' rights when having ended up with dealing with a basically dishonest buyer who cries 'woe is me,
I aid a year ago I wouldnt do any Ebay anymore after a bad experience.... have now just been stuffed again by a crafty contrick which depends on that Buyer protection that is seemingly very easy to abuse.
I admit that I didnt stick to my rules ... cash only and come and collect so that I can 'eyeball' you - my fault entirely.


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    I know someone who 'makes his living' through eBay, but hates it with a passion for how it screws him at every turn, including the unquestioned power it gives to dishonest or unreasonable buyers.
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    Hearing things like this, and others a while ago (maybe you?) has put me off selling on ebay. I have plenty to get rid of, but now wonder if it's worth the hassle.

    I've even heard of people getting their money back because the item was later than they expected/led to believe. Not good.

    The older I get, the better I was.

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    eBay are a bunch of c***s, to be fair.

    I was trying to sell something the other month and someone sent me a message "can I come and see the wotsit doobry you're selling before I commit to 'Buy it now'?"

    Of course, no problem, so I gave him my number so he could call me. That way I could tell him a little bit more about the wotsit doobry and also give him my address so he could drive over to take a look.

    He came and, in the end, the sale fell through. He wasn't quite convinced and I also decided to not sell.

    Then eBay email me and give me a telling off for sharing contact details. How the f*** is one supposed to sell something big - like a caravan, fridge-freezer, picnic table whatever - without letting the buyer know where to come to collect their bounty?

    F*** off, eBay.

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    My guess is that the number of unscrupulous sellers far outweighs the number of unscrupulous buyers. Protection has to be good for the buyers, because they are parting with their money before having sight of the goods. Any other way would bring the whole thing down, and even the sellers wouldn't have access to the much larger range of buyers afforded to them than a note in the local newsagent window.

    I recently bought a Fenix 3 on eBay. It never arrived. The item info suggested that it was being dispatched from the UK, as it turned out the item probably never existed, and some bloke from China now has the equivalent of £400 in RNB in cash, and either Paypal or his bank has covered my costs.

    Without the presumption being in favour of the buyer, I would not have been able to prove a negative. Whereas, the seller can document the item they are selling, and postage details etc. and so, if above board, can always defend themselves.

    I always sympathise with being d1cked around. I just don't see an alternative but the way it is, unfortunately.