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Best tyre zipp 404

sizeablesausagesizeablesausage Posts: 11
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Does anybody know the best slick tyre for Zipp 404 wheels ?

I have read many posts, some people say a 23c tyre others 28c.

Currently I have some conti 4 seasons 25c but am looking for something a bit faster now that the weather is improving.


  • hambinihambini Posts: 113
    I wouldn't go any wider than 25mm otherwise you'll lose much of the benefit of your wide wheels.
  • meesterbondmeesterbond Posts: 1,240
    I'm using Veloflex Master 25s on my 303's and I'm very happy with them... they're on the summer bike so generally don't see bad weather but I'm very happy with them - assuming you're after clinchers. 25mm seems to be a pretty good match.
  • craigrcraigr Posts: 53
    From Zipp :
    Firecrest wheels with wider tire beds
    The best aero and lowest rolling resistance is obtained with front 23mm and rear 25mm width tires running at the recommended tire pressures.

    I personally run GP4000 25mm front and back.
  • foggymikefoggymike Posts: 862
    I have 404s and use 23mm GP4000s front and back. I read a Zipp interview where they said 23mm was best for aero, 25mm for comfort, and a good compromise was 23mm front and 25mm rear. Personally I find 23mm perfectly comfortable so stick with that :)
  • applemacapplemac Posts: 55
    Depending on how old your 404's are, the best tyres are the widest you can fit. Nowadays wheels rims are much wider than older ones. If you can use 28mm than they offer better rolling resistance and performance than narrow ones.

    Continental Grand Prix 4000S II are very good tyres
  • ThatBikeGuyThatBikeGuy Posts: 394
    Veloflex Roubaix tubs (25mm) on my 404 firecrests. Comfortable ride without sacrificing much rolling resistance.
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  • matt_n-2matt_n-2 Posts: 581
    Rule of 105%.

    Zipps are 26.2mm at the brake track, so match with a 25mm tyre.
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