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Deep Aero Wheels VS what I´ve got

chrisjohnsenchrisjohnsen Posts: 40
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Hi. I am thinking of buying a pair of deep aero wheels to use during training. But I have never tried this kind of wheels and am not sure if it is worth the investment. My intended use is for TT training on my road bike. I regularly train at a stretch of road that is about 12km long. It is not completely flat, but there is no long descends or ascends and in each end there is a roundabout. What I am hoping for is for them to be faster and better at maintaining speed and that it will be a different ride feel to them.

I currently own a pair of Enve 3.4. The wheels I have been looking at are the Hed 6.7 or something similar.

Thanks for any advice!


  • Sorry, Hed Jet 6.9, not 6.7
  • GrillGrill Posts: 5,610
    If you race TTs or Tri then the Hed Jet+ are amazing and well worth it. If you don't then stick to the ENVEs unless you want better braking in the wet.
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  • ugo.santaluciaugo.santalucia Posts: 26,753
    The same topic is being discussed in the general road section...

    a case of double thread
  • fenixfenix Posts: 5,437
    Why deep wheels to use for training ?

    Racing them I could understand - but training ? Put me down in the 'not worth it' camp.
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