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Any chance I can ride a 63 and 58 comfortably?

prhymeateprhymeate Posts: 793
edited April 2017 in Road buying advice

I currently ride a Rose RS 300 63 frame (110cm stem) and have been on the hunt for a good all weather commuter with hydraulic discs, thru axel, mudguard and pannier mounts that can take pretty wide tyres for going off road. The only one I can find in my price range and that I like the look of, is the Saracen Hack in Black. The problem is that 58 is the largest they come in. I appreciate trying it in person is best, but looking at the geometry, is there any chance I could get it to fit comfortably? I think my main concern is the stack, as I already have a 25mm headset spacer cone plus 25mm spacer on my Rose.

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