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Hi, I'm Chris and I like riding my Bike. So I bought a GoPro to record the fun and I made a youtube channel. So I thought I'd share some videos here.



No known trails with names or so, just me riding through the outlands and finding my ways :)


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    guess what...
    I made a new video and it turned out great I think. I hope you like it too :)


    down this country road with the sun on the right and some bad weather on the left, beautifully dividing the view. And then let's dive into the woods totally under the dark clouds but still lots of sunrays coming through the trees. What a nice trail.

    Also a bright burning sunlight downhill part through meadows, a mean shaky mogul slope part and some real wasteland out in the nowhere with impressive sandstone formations, overgrown and bizarre, ending at one giant vagina hole :) Oh, what a hot day that was.
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    Look at that, there is new actionpacked downhill-through-nature video in awesome natural sunlight available right in front of you.
    recorded on a sunny day in summer 2017! Besides the usual downhill parts with great music we also climb around on some sandstone rocks and even fly through a small cave (...thing :)) and have a jump over a ramp!