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Android alternative for easyroute on ios?

paulontheroadpaulontheroad Posts: 33
edited April 2017 in Road general
I've been using easyroute on my iphone for on-the-road route mapping - it gives distances and most importantly elevation profiles with % incline. Does anyone know of a similar app on android - just replaced iphone with a moto4g. Thanks


  • benjamessbenjamess Posts: 159
    can you not use the route builder on stravas website and follow the route on the phone app?
  • I do use strava for that pre-ride, this is more for on the road when plans change, random road adventures or dead batteries! With easyroute you can plan a route directly on the phone.
  • navrig2navrig2 Posts: 1,591
    Google maps does it and you can download the basemap in advance and save to the phone. It will give you spoken instructions too.
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