Dynamo Hub Disc Brake Wheel for Focus Maleta 2009

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Hi All

I have a Focus Maleta 2009 and the bearings in the front hub have had it. I took it to LBS and they said they have never seen a dynamo hub before and can't fix it. They also (unhelpfully) said they can't even order a new wheel in for me.

So I want to order a new wheel online but don't know exactly what I need. I am fairly sure it is a 700c wheel (is that the same as a 28" wheel?). The bike seems to have disappeared off the internet, the only page I can find referencing it is here http://bikeprices.org.uk/product/Focus-Maleta-2009.html



Can anyone help by pointing me to a wheel that can be ordered online that will be a suitable replacement for this (i.e. wiht hub dynamo and disc rotor mount)?

Many thanks


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    Can anyone help?
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    Its just loose ball cup and cone like any other Shimano hub, only the one side is readily serviceable (see below) as the other side carries the wire and is not recommended to be serviced* but can be bought as a replacement part.

    I'd be asking the shop why they don't have internet access in 2017 (they surely can't to not even try the most basic of searches).

    700c, 28" and 29" are all (confusingly) the same rim size.

    *The bearing preload can be adjusted but here are some notes on doing anything on the wire side
    "The problem is the "current wire" running from the inside rotor, out through the slotted axle ending in the connector. Because of this it is vital that the connector doesn't move when unscrewing the locknuts/cones. When taking the hub apart, the connector should remain stationary to the axle the whole time (hold it down with a finger while using the cone spanners). Besides that it is just a standard cup-and-cone hub. Another problem is that the "current wire" is a thick copper wire. It only takes that many bends before snapping apart. It can also get snagged when screwing the cones on again.

    One side of the hub can be serviced without problems, but get a feel for how the hub feels because the magnets makes cone adjustment more difficult."
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