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Hunt 55 Carbon Vs Wheelsmiths aero dimpled 45/58

joey54321joey54321 Posts: 1,297
edited April 2017 in Road buying advice
+ Wider rim bed (marketing says this gives a better tyre shape)
+ Hookless (marketing says this should help the carbon deal with more braking)
+ Super easy tubeless ready
+ Have heard lots of good things from Hunt

- Aerodynamically 'unproven' and haven't seen any wind tunnel tests

+ Supposedly same cross section as Zipp Firecrest (proven aerodynamically?)
+ Narrower (works best with 23c tyre, less comfort?)
+ Have heard lots of good things about Wheelsmiths

- Lots of warnings on the website about delamination under braking, not an issue around East Anglia but if I go abroad (Majorca) it might.
- Not quite sure how they can sell the same rim as the Firecrest...what is the difference?
- Though they can be run tubeless (i guess) they aren't specifically designed for it.


  • dstev55dstev55 Posts: 742
    Well I have the Wheelsmith Aero Dimpled 45 's on Dura Ace hubs and I am very pleased with them. I live near to the Peak District and do a lot of climbing (6900M in 489km so far this month) and I haven't had any problems with the braking other than they eat brake pads for breakfast (half way down the fronts after only 600km). I must admit though, I am struggling with my confidence when descending on these as I always seem to be pre-occupied with getting the braking right. In terms of their performance, I definitely feel I can hold a good speed (like 45kmh) on the flat much easier than I could. Also comfort is significantly better than it was on my narrow alloy clinchers.
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