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Hybrid, Stepthrough frame with Hydro discs

slowbikeslowbike Posts: 8,498
edited April 2017 in Road buying advice
Looking for a replacement bike for my wife...

she's got a Spec Sirrus which she's had for years - loves it as an all-rounder, however, it doesn't quite work for the latest requirement - which is to carry our (nearly) 2yo on the back. The bike itself works fine, but she can't get over the crossbar with him in the seat (I can appreciate that as I find it tricky on my hybrid too).
So, we're looking to sell that one (plenty of interest) and get a step-through frame ...

simple enough? Well - you'd like to think so, but the problem with the step through frame is that the lowered cross bar can intesect the seat tube at the wrong place - leaving no space to fit the hamax seat bracket..

Ideally we're after a flat bar with hydro discs (just because we've got hydros on the 29ers and they're brilliant) and capable of taking up to 35mm tyres. No front shocks (just why?!). Groupset isn't critical - 8 speed could mean the wheels are swappable with the 29ers though. It's use will be mostly road, rough path with or without weight penalty in the additional seat ...

We've searched about and come across the Spec Vita stepthrough disc - which seems perfect - surely other brands do similar?

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